And another four day weekend for me …

3 May

Of course now I never want to work a Friday or Monday again, next week is gonna be a barrell of laughs!

Spring Flowers

After the excitement and emotion (not a joke, I had butterflies & tears in equal measures) of the Royal Wedding

>>>>> yes I LOVED the dresses, PipMidds is a total roide, Wills has come way up in my estimation, the little girl covering her ears on the balcony MADE that photo and Beatrice&Eugenie were really not that bad…

but Kate Middleton is the real Royalty IMHO, she showed them! <<<<

… I spent most of this weekend at home on the ranch with the folks..

>>>> gardening, chatting, drinking wine, lunching at Macreddin Farmers Market, visiting the scene of the attempted ATM robbery in Tinahealy, running to my old primary school & back, walking with my girls, a baby and a dog, then leaving laden down with farm fresh eggs from my parents little henny-pennys and all the veggies I purchased in Macreddin from Dennis Healy’s fantastic organic farm!

Have you ever seen garlic straight from the ground ?? Seriously, you have to ..I can’t show you mine as I used it before I thought of photographing it but its really not what I was expecting .. really like an onion in fact.

Then back to the big smoke for more work on the raised beds “we” built last weekend .. strawberry plants and onions are down …. it was a very healthy outdoorsy weekend.

I have even have some extra freckles .. wooo hooo!
Now its over and I am sad 😦
Although I do have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks though, namely…

>>> Dinner with my sidekicks in The Old Convent, Clogheen, Co Tipperary. This has been on my wishlist for, like, ever. Its an 8 course tasting menu and I intend tasting all that .. and what ever else is on offer.

>>>  The following weekend I have a hen party in Kilkenny…Can’t reveal any details .. but trust me.. its unusual!

>>> I am also hoping to partake of a detox class .. but my partaking is yet to be confirmed so more on that later ..

>>> If this lovely weather continues … May is gonna be good month!

>>> Hopefully I’m not jinxing the weather but I am loving this song right now! … Have you ever seen the rain?

And to finish … The Vegetable Patch …. CUTIE-NESS !!

3 Responses to “And another four day weekend for me …”

  1. Dellers May 3, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    Oh I’ve heard great things about the convent!! Lucky ducky! Love the blog. Have added it to my google reader so no pressure with the blogposts!

  2. vickscakes May 4, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    Hi Sj, loving the blog, your defo down with the IT kids, when it comes to links and stuff, mine isn’t that cool!! How cute is the patchwork veg patch!! What a great handmade wedding pressie!!! can’t wait to hear all about The Convent! Vick xx

    • Sarah-Jane May 5, 2011 at 8:44 am #

      Indeed it would be a lovely wedding present if only I knew someone getting married 😉

      I’ll do a full report on The Old Convent and my trip to Clogheen/Ballylooby in a couple of weeks .. I’m very excited!


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