Food! Food! Glorious IRISH Food!!

9 May

I am a food fanatic.

I love Ireland.

I’m mad about farming and agriculture.

So the following were very much up my street …

>>> Whats Eating Ireland documentry with Philip Boucher Hayes  on RTE1 last night for a summary see here, or for other details see ‘s Facebook page here

>>> Eat Only Irish for a Week Campaign .. see the #eatonlyirishforaweek hashtag on Twitter .. do you think you could do it?

I didn’t get organised enough at all but I am going to give it a go .. at home anyway!

So this morning for my brunch (I am off work today) I had ..

2 poached eggs (from the farm at home) with Irish organic smoked salmon & fried organic spuds from here ..I failed on the salt&pepper and olive oil!

My plan for tomorrow is to get some Irish rapeseed oils for cooking and try and cut out the s&p ..

It would be great if we all tried to buy more Irish food products, make it a habit, ask your local supermarkets for the Irish products you wish to buy and visit local shops/butchers where possible.

Oh I nearly forgot that last night I started eating Irish with some of these delicious little divils!!


One Response to “Food! Food! Glorious IRISH Food!!”

  1. emma May 11, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    Nice post Emma – I haven’t been organised enough to do the eat only Irish week either. There is an Irish sea salt made in West Cork. A really great idea and very important for the future of our food and land!

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