10 Day Detox ….

26 May

Two lovely ladies that I follow on  Twitter got on really well with this 10 Day Detox last month so I decided it was something I would like to do …

I had been to Jett once before for a running knee injury (tight IT band in case you’re wondering) and on that occasion the acupuncture was a total surprise.. one minute I was chatting away and the next my knee had turned into a hedgehog! However it seemed to have done the trick so the acupuncture involved in this detox didn’t put me off…

Basically its a liver and kidney flushing diet so ..

NO Sugar (or sugar substitutes)

NO Alcohol

NO Wheat

NO Caffeine (or decaf)

Limited Dairy Products

No Nightshade Vegetables

On the first day all the participants had ear acupuncture which is to help with the cravings .. and it seems to be working for me as I have experienced very few.

So you might wonder what am I eating ? Well. LOADS. Probably too much ..

Grapefruits .. Ruby ones are so yummy first thing in the morning

Granola – using this lovely recipe but leaving out the oil and wheatgerm and using freshly squeezed orange juice

Spelt bread (Soul Bakery), Spelt Pasta, Brown Rice

Stir fries with almond butter loosely based on this recipe

Warm salads (all food is to be at least room tempreature) such as peas with feta & mint

Lots of recipes can be tailored to this diet .. really useful sites are Susan Jane Murray and Tina Murphy’s

Eating out is very difficult though as everything seems to contain flour or sugar or both! Processed food is totally out, but thats not too hard for me as I try to avoid it as a rule anyway.

Today is Day 4 and I feel great .. I feel really light and as the day has gone on I have become more full of energy which is a very unusual feeling for me as I suffer from hypothyroidism and am often lethargic.

Of course there have been moments when I would love a milky coffee and a cake and a can of coke and bar of chocolate and all wrapped in a huge white bread sambo and I’ve had headaches (some people experience nausea as sugar is a drug there is withdrawl)!

BUT 10 days is not that long and I can already feel the benefits so its keeping me going ..

6 more days of herbal teas  …Is féidir liom 😉



2 Responses to “10 Day Detox ….”

  1. Vicky May 26, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    hey lady, fair play to you, it sounds quiet similar to south beach diet, but you can’t have fruit on that to ensure that you don’t get sugar cravings. best of look with the remaining 6 days Vick x

  2. SJ May 27, 2011 at 10:34 am #

    Hey Vicky
    You can only eat fruit on an empty stomach with this so I have grapefruit and blueberries first thing in the morning. Apparently to totally rid yourself of cellulite fruit would have to be cut out too .. maybe next time 😉

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