Pottery Painting at Giddy Studios

9 Jun

A couple of weeks ago for a work social night out myself and 3 others .. (yes only 4 of us) went to Giddy Studios in Dundrum to paint our own pottery!  No one else was interested …

Isn't this fella just the cutest ?

The studio is situated in the Red Car Park in Dundrum Town Centre, its a lovely space and we were shown all the types of pottery pieces to chose from .. then to our table where we had paints, sponges, brushes and sparkly wine glasses. YES WINE GLASSES .. its BYO and when I took out a bottle of Pinot Grigio from my bag (I had been tipped off .. I don’t carry bottles of wine in my bag all the time .. AS IF) the girl immediately offered to refrigerate it for us!

I chose a little jug and a spoon rest … it was lots of fun and also very relaxing or I suppose you’d call it therapeutic..  We spent about 2 hours there in total chatting, sipping, painting and decorating our pieces .. then took photos, paid up and left..

My jug and spoon rest ..before kilning

Hard at work!

All the groups painted pieces .. PRIDE!

The following week I got a text to say our pieces were ready for collection .. soo exciting .. they all came wrapped in lovely spotted cellophane tied with little ribbons which was a lovely touch. Once we opened them all up in work .. guess what?? .. suddenly everyone really wanted to go pottery painting .. so another work social night is heading to Giddy real soon …

All wrapped up!! (excuse the just used hob)

All shiny and ready to use..

I really enjoyed painting pottery at Giddy .. the two pieces I painted were about €30 each. They cater for hen parties and kids parties .. and their gift tokens are painted on ceramic tiles – adorable!!


One Response to “Pottery Painting at Giddy Studios”

  1. vickscakes June 13, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    I haven’t been to Giddy yet but know the girl that owns it, they do fab stuff.. great idea for party. such a pity only 4 of you went… you are a busy bee lately!!

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