Moving on.

14 Jan

Once I had given my notice at work I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I was so nervous about doing it as I didn’t want to let anyone down. My boss and everyone else in the organisation have been really supportive and I’ve had lots of “fair play” “you’re dead right” “you’re sooo lucky”  “have a ball”  which has all been lovely, but is in some strange way making me very sad about leaving.

Of course I have replaced one worry with another and I now lie awake at night worrying about money, new jobs, being so far away from home, making new friends .. I am ridiculous.
One of my main worries was that I wouldn’t find like-minded people, or foodies like myself that I could chat with but today I found this blog. The author commented on one of my photos on Instragram, so social networking is working for me. Apart from being a gorgeous food blog its written by an Irish girl who lives in Perth and does yoga! Yay! There are people like me out there too. Finding this has brightened my day and I am slowing working my way through her “Aussie Blog Roll”. Its like my food blog obsession of 2009 all over again .. with fresh meat!!

The packing has started, we bought one of these each (not quite as cute but infinitely more practical than those pictured above) and I also have my sister’s backpack from her travelling days so hopefully I will be able to bring everything! From my last time in Australia I know the clothes, especially the work type attire, is allot more sedate than here (not enough colour for me) so I want to bring allot with me. It will also save on spending my $$$ before I start earning.

So far I have just taken all my holiday clothes and put them in the bag, so lots of bikinis, kaftans and summer dresses. Next I need to go through everything in my wardrobe and see what fits the bill – I am looking for light but not skimpy, its about 38 degrees in Perth right now! In one of the papers today there was a spread this season’s lovely prints so I am going to check those out in Forever21 and Penneys in the next couple of weeks as advised therein. I also follow a great stylist on facebook and twitter (@Sanfhaisean) called San Fhaisean who posts photos of outfits put together from what’s available in the high street shops at any one time. I hope to God there is someone similar in Australia .. or I won’t have a clue what’s in the shops (possibly a good thing!).

I have a gorgeous red polka dot tea towel and a brightly coloured apron that were Christmas presents and will help me make any place my own. I have a lovely new pink cover on my passport and a travel pillow waiting to be broken in. Leaving all my cookbooks on my childhood bedroom shelves is kind of breaking my heart … but bringing them would surely break the bank in luggage weight charges and I plan on using my iPad to its fullest as my virtual cookbook shelf.

33 days before I depart Ireland … 37 days before I arrive in Australia … the countdown is on!!

Heading to Chapter One en  famille this week .. a girl has gotta enjoy her remaining days at home ya know ..

SJ xx


2 Responses to “Moving on.”

  1. siuners January 31, 2012 at 10:59 am #

    Carol-Anne is going out with my boyfriend’s best friend! She is lovely and very friendly, I’d say you’ll be really good friends.. and she is trained in all sorts of yoga, and that food… amazing. Hope you’re not too nervous x

    • Sarah-Jane January 31, 2012 at 11:12 am #

      No. Way! Siun its like we are meant to be friends!
      Its gas as yoga is one of the things I wanted to do more of in Perth, mainly because I fear it will be too hot to run, so I was delighted when I came across Carol-Anne’s blog filled both with food and yoga!
      Sooo maybe you and himself will come and vist ???
      I am getting really nervous this week as its getting so close and as usual I have left a million things to the last minute .. like selling my car .. and doing a CV! Eeeek!

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