I was in Ireland

14 Aug

I popped home to Ireland for five weeks!
I attended a lovely heart warming wedding in Wexford, a hen party in Carlingford, I was bridesmaid at a fabulous wedding in Wicklow, celebrated a sister’s 30th birthday (I can’t disclose which sister for fear of litigation), was spoiled rotten by everyone, met three new little people who hadn’t arrived when I left in February.. Patrick, Laci and Aidan you are very cute & very welcome and overall saw all the best bits of life in Ireland!
It was a lovely holiday with my family and friends, I caught up with lots of people but of course not everyone … 5 weeks seems like such a long time but its never long enough!
It was very hard to leave again, possibly harder this time as I am not sure when I will return, but I’m hoping to have some visitors in the next year (hint hint).

Wasn’t the Olympics amazing? London did a super job and the Irish athletes did us all very proud. Of course Katie Taylor was the complete star of the show, a Wicklow girl, an Irish woman and a world class athlete! Someone for us Irish people to be unreservedly proud of!!

This still brings tears to my eyes .. AMAZING!

So I’m back now in Perth, its sunny and cold – I know everyone at home will want to know that as I was asked about the weather alot on my visit.
The other main topic of conversation was the food, my own family on both sides are complete food-aholics but its a topic that interests everyone about a country they haven’t experienced and not only the types of food but also the prices so I will endeavour to write more about what I am eating and where I am buying in the coming months.

Right I must unpack …

SJ x


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