30 Oct

I love Hallowe’en.

I’m not entirely sure when this started and I have vivid recollections of being PETRIFIED to go to the party in our local community hall in case the red haired witch from Forty Coats would be there …

But as I got older I relished everything about the festival and time of year .. wearing hats & scarves again, the leaves turning brown, beautiful orange pumpkins, buttery colcannon, barm brack and mostly dressing up!

In my opinion to completely get into the spirit of Hallowe’en you need to leave all shame at the door, forget about looking well and make at least part of the rig-out yourself! Luckily for me I have no shame at the best of times and love make n’do!

Hallowe’en is not really a big deal here in Perth. There are no decorations anywhere and in fact no real mention of it, I was quite dissappointed by this but we were invited to a Hallowe’en house party so I was happy! At about 5pm on Saturday when it was 30 degrees and I was getting into my make up and wig I had some insight into perhaps why its not a big deal here … its TOO HOT! However I soldiered on for the cause, trooper than I am, and we had a great night. I’m attaching some photos of this year’s and previous years’ outfits to prove I really have no shame if nothing else ….

Myself as Marilyn Monroe and Dave as Wolverine from XMen! We made his claws from the packaging of our tv and painted them grey .. looked great but now we can never sell the tv 😉

My peacock tail was real peacock feathers and really impressive but sadly I don’t have a good photo! The eyelashes were cool too, I didn’t make them but I like to think I wore them well.

That’s me at the front, the Rubix Cube! I forced a young fella in the supermarket to give me the box then my very talented sister came up with a plan and the best costume ever was born! I made matching rubix cube themed earrings and necklace and basically went totally overboard. There was a slight drawback though .. I couldn’t move around very much and some people pushed me over to see if I could get back up. Suffering for my art ….

This was actually my 80’s themed 30th Birthday.. I was the 1980 Rose of Tralee! I found the dress in Oxfam, made the sash and had the best night of my life …

The hair was my favourite part, I modelled it on Julia Roberts in that bar scene from Pretty Woman! Totally 80’s!

Next week we are going to a 90’s themed party in the city so I have to get thinking … any ideas?

SJ x



4 Responses to “Hallowe’en”

  1. Paula November 7, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    Love this one! I forgot how much you like to dress up. The Rose of Tralee was particularly epic

    • Sarah-Jane November 8, 2012 at 1:45 am #

      I think the Rubix Cube is still my favourite and couldn’t have happened without your immense talents … I found it in the attic recently, in bits! Some people have no respect 😉 x

  2. Aisling O'Toole December 18, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    Rose of Tralee is the best 80s idea ever – I am going to steal it but will of course credit you!!

    • Sarah-Jane December 18, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

      I must admit it was one of my genius moments 😉 Pity I’m not at home I could dig out the sash for you. Send me photos when you do!

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