April and Autumnal … sort of!

12 Apr

Is it just me or is 2013 speeding along at a rate of noughts?

A quick run through on what I have been up to lately …. No I’m still not working. No I don’t want to talk about it.

Sugar Free Update.

I have now been on the sugar-free wagon for over 14 weeks, I stayed off fruit completely for 3 weeks in February and then slowly reintroduced it into my diet but the strange thing is I don’t really enjoy it as much now! I have no desire for anything sweet at all, although I do enjoy the sweetness I can now taste in milk, corn on the cob, beetroot and carrots but the overwhelming urge for a sweet fix is long gone. That is of course not to say that it won’t come back once the long cold, wet Winter months set in but I am hopeful that I can continue as I am. I bought a little jar of Chai Spices and am planning on adding that to hot milk for a nice warming drink, I already enjoy a glass of cold milk with a spoon of cinnamon added in a few times a week, it is honestly so delicious, naturally sweet and fragrant! I have bags of activated nuts (hee hee) in the freezer and a handful make a lovely snack or chopped up are a great addition to salads, curries etc. My attempt to avoid gluten hasn’t gone quite so well especially since I can’t resist the Sourdough bread at the Subi Farmer’s market (must find out the name of the baker actually). However, I am limiting wheat to one meal a day and finding it easy enough to stick to that. I haven’t lost any weight which is rather disappointing as I was sure Elizabeth Jagger would be handing over her dark haired supermodel status to me by now but I do feel great, my skin is really good and I have loads of energy! All in all its been one of my more successful endeavours of late …..


As the weather is getting cooler, or at least it did before heating up again to the hottest April day for some ridiculous amount of years but its raining today so am hoping it will cool down again I’m done with heat for the moment, last week I joined a running group that I first heard about at Christmas. ParkRun is a worldwide endeavour which sees volunteers organising a 5 kilometre run. Its free to partake and its good fun as well as a good way to get exercise for people like me that will stop running if I am on my own and the going gets tough but hate to lose face in front of bunch of friends or strangers! Last Saturday morning at 8am after encountering a number of route diversions, typical, we arrived at the designated starting point to meet our friends. There was a group warm up, a number of instructions and off we went … it was my first decent run in a very long time due in part to the hot weather but in another bigger part to my incredible laziness. Anyway I made it around the 5K albeit in a bad state by the end, there was a terrible steep hill to finish! But I soon recovered and felt great, there’s an amazing sense of accomplishment in finishing a course and that’s the feeling I must keep in my mind when I feel like stopping. The weather got very hot this week so I didn’t make it out for another run but tomorrow morning is my second ParkRun and I am really looking forward to the feeling afterwards … the actual running I still find tough …but worth it! Have a look on the site and see is there one near you, there’s at least two in Dublin and you could set one up in your local area!

The Library: My newest favourite place

I love the library! I’ve been borrowing books and DVDs at least once a week lately, its so much fun I get to leave with armfuls of entertainment .. cook books, books on beauty, fiction, fact, DVDs of movies I never saw or ones I love to watch over and over, TV series I never caught .. its fantastic and its all free! Some books I’ve loved and some I haven’t but that is in essence what is so great about the library I get to try before I buy 🙂

Another related discovery has been Downton Abbey … seriously how did I miss this?? Its AMAZING! I LOVE IT! So far I’ve watched Series 1 & 2 and the Christmas special so I now need to track down the remaining series and find out what happens with Mary and Matthew, Sybil and Branson, the dreadful Edith, Mr Bates and Anna and my absolute favourite character the Dowager or “Granny”…I did like His Lordship allot until that carry on with the maid, I’ll say no more!

So the Summer is over and Autumn is here … although its still warm daylight is increasingly diminishing and I am remembering last winter with horror but determined not to let myself be as bored or housebound as I was last year … might be time to get the crochet back out too ..

SJ xx


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