The Holy Grail: A long lasting lipstick that actually lasts a long time!

14 Apr

My lovely neighbour Carol always has gorgeous bright lipstick on and I mean always! I’ve seen her in the pool playing with her grandkids with a perfect fuschia pink pout. As someone who has perfect lipstick for about 15 minutes max I was quite jealous but just presumed it was another thing these antipodean women do with ease, along with tanning evenly, throwing their hair up in incredibly stylish top knots and having legs that seem to GO. ON. FOR. EVER. But it seems there is a secret to Carol’s perfection, when she mentioned recently that she sells lipstick I was intrigued so she insisted I try it out. LipSense from the American company SeneGence is the product in question. Application is simple first the colour is applied, its dries almost instantly so you can layer it up to the desired intensity. Then a gloss is popped over the top! Voila! Super shiny lips in a range of beautiful colours. So I tried it in Blu-Red, it was a beautiful red and I felt fab wearing it! I then drank numerous glasses of wine, ate all sorts of nibbles & dips and talked non stop for at least 4 hours and do you know what?? My lips were still a perfect shiny blue red! In fact they were still almost perfect the next morning due to the fact I didn’t take my make up off the night before, yes I know I will regret such mortal sins in years to come…

SJ x


One Response to “The Holy Grail: A long lasting lipstick that actually lasts a long time!”

  1. Susan April 15, 2013 at 12:49 am #

    photo of the blu red pout please ….

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