Ethiopian Food

5 Sep

Last night for the first time I visited an Ethiopian Restaurant with two friends.
This colourfully decorated restaurant is at the end of a pretty non-descript row of shops in Hamilton Hill.
We ordered Sambusa (similar to Indian samosas) while perusing the menu and quickly ordered a second portion as they were so tasty and arrived with a lovely sour cream dip!
Not entirely sure what to order we asked for help and the chef came out of the kitchen and suggested she order for us. Although not on the menu she suggested we try Mesob Dining for three people (the options are 2 people or 4 people on the menu)
A large wicker basket similar in shape to a tagine was placed on our table, when the lid was lift there was a metal tray with crumpet like pancakes. One pancake was placed flat on the tray and onto this our lovely waitress spooned out the four hot dishes so that each of us had an over lapping portion of everything in front of us. We were then shown how to use the pancake to scoop the food up or spoon fillings into and use like a tortilla wrap. Eating without cutlery may seem like an adult version of baby led weaning but it was very social and relaxing to all be sitting around sharing from the same plate. We were offered additional pancakes which we accepted, I found these to be light and not as filling as bread or tortilla wraps. There was a lentil daal-like dish, a vegetable dish which included large pieces of potato (always a winner with the Irish girl!) and two meat dishes one beef and one lamb. All were lightly spiced and full of flavour.
After dinner we had coffee served in espresso size cups which was so rich and fragrant I spent more time enjoying the amazing aroma than actually drinking it! I didn’t ask what was in it but the strong aroma of cloves brought back lovely memories for me of hot whiskeys and my Granny’s ever full jar of clove rock. Food memories – you can’t beat them!
Service was prompt and friendly.
Great atmosphere, fun environment and good food.
A good start to my 35th year 

Ethiopian Restaurant


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