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Perth Zoo … literally 214 steps from my front door (approx)

23 May

I love going to the zoo, in fact myself and the boyf went on our first “daytime activity” (read: sober) date to Dublin Zoo way back in 2006 and have visited it at least once a year since. Dublin Zoo is so lovely these days and not at all like when I was a child .. no unhappy animals in squishy enclosures and lots of tree lined pathways and places to sit, have a picnic, get a cuppa, relax! The only negative is the lack of decent food outlets – a picnic is definitely a better option but hopefully in time they can improve that too. If you’re in Ireland visit the zoo this year you’ll love it!

When we moved to South Perth I was delighted to realise we are right beside Perth Zoo, I wasn’t sure how good it would be though as I have walked/ran around it and it doesn’t seem that large .. its not set in a huge green area like the Phoenix Park but instead its in the middle of a residential area, 10 minute walk from the Mends Street jetty and easily accessible by bus or car. Last Sunday we decided it was time to check it out so off we went, it took us 5 minutes at most to get there, it’s $22/adult and $1 for a map. We skipped the map and decided to just follow the paths, this worked out really well and we stopped once a while to check out the large maps posted around the zoo and were delighted to see we had managed perfectly well without the map! I felt somewhat like an intrepid explorer 😉

Perth Zoo is gorgeous! Its green, pretty, peaceful, well laid out and uses the relatively small space very well. We spent 3 hours there and could have spent a lot longer, we had to leave as it was closing so the next time we will go earlier in the day and catch some of the feeding times .. penguins at 1 and I think elephants at 10am.
Speaking of elephants .. I was ridiculously excited (ridiculously!) when I looked ahead of me and here was an elephant!!! Her name is Trisha and the zookeepers walk her around the zoo a couple of times a day! It was lovely and everyone stood by taking photos and abiding by the requests of the zoo not to touch her (I love how Australians abide by rules, its a really attractive quality of this country). Some of the animals are quite free to roam around for example we got really close to a large grey kangaroo and a little wallaby!
I also saw two mice which frightened the bejaypers out of me .. as you’ll know from my Rottnest post I am not a rodent fan!

Here are a few of the best photos we took!

Rottnest Island

21 May

Rottnest Island is just off the coast of Perth and everybody talks about it, so we said we’d better go and check it out.

I am not a fan of boats as I have always gotten all sorts of travel sickness but it was a lovely smooth journey from Barrack Street (near Perth CBD) to Rottnest stopping twice along the way to pick up other passengers. The swan river is really beautiful and we were lucky to go on a lovely sunny day.

Nice day for a boat ride.

Rottnest itself has a perimeter of about 27 kilometres there are no cars on the island so most visitors bring their own or hire bikes once there to cycle around. There is a bus tour too if cycling is not your thing.

Cycling is not my forte or at least it wasn’t during my J1 summer in Hyannis, Cape Cod, USA! I have no doubt that some of my companions on that trip still have nightmares about me swerving erratically all over the highway and going around the rotary (roundabout) the wrong way, I certainly do. However I was allot better on Rottnest, the lack of cars no doubt helped and the hills in some places were rather steep which kept my erratics to a minimum.

There are beaches all around the island and we found the ones on the north to be much more beautiful and plentiful than on the south, we didn’t make it around the whole island as on a day trip you really only have about 4 hours on the island (you spend more time on the boat) but in that time we fell in love with Rottnest. I will let the photos speak for themselves but we’ll undoubtedly be back and definitely stay 3/4 nights the next time – we spotted some gorgeous little chalets near Georgie Bay which is also near the general store that would be perfect!

And I should probably mention this thing, its a Quokka and I didn’t like it ONE BIT!

The original discoverers of Rottnest thought they were rats and hence named the island Rat-Nest or Rottnest, they’re not rats but apparently related to the Kangaroo. In my mind they were rat type creatures and I tore off on my bike the minute I spotted one … much to everyone’s amusement.

So all in all our first day trip was very successful and Rottnest is a must see if visiting Perth or Western Australia!

SJ x