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Baking: A disaster and a triumph!

13 Apr

Baking was never something I considered a skill, it was just baking.

Both my Grandmothers were superb bakers and my Mam made the best brown bread daily while simultaneously dressing 5 children, preparing breakfast, packing lunches, taping the farming program from radio 1, writing cheques, feeding hens, answering the ever ringing phone, calling the vet and not losing her mind!
Coffee cakes, fruit cakes, buns, caramel squares, almond slices just seemed to appear in huge tuberware containers in the corner press, in fact they still do!  Baking was an effortless endeavor in our house, I was making coffee cakes and madeira mixtures to top pastry cased lemon curd buns from an early age, as were my sisters and cousins. We are a family of food obsessives, feeding people is our way of showing love, compassion, sympathy, friendship, regard or that you need a good dinner 😉

So last week it was time for me to stock my kitchen and get back to normal service. Kmart kitted me out with all the essential utensils and I picked up lots of ingredients between the supermarkets and a fantastic foodstore in Northbridge called Kakulas Brothers.

My first project was a Devils Food Cake reccommended by @eatmeetswest .
It was simple, I made it, cooked it, covered it in ganache and chocolate discs. Off with me and my cake to an Easter picnic with some prospective friends. Cut the cake. IT WAS DRY.
It was dry. How? Whaaaaat?
So I sat there on my lovely picnic blanket in Kings Park and concluded that it was obviously my new oven, the tempreature guage must be off. MUST BE.

Not to worry.

Yesterday I set about making cupcakes, I had chocolate and some over ripe bananas so I settled on this recipe for muffins from Nigella herself. They rose, looked fabulous, popped easily out of the my new silicone cupcake cases. Perfecto.

I test tasted one (as you do) THEY WERE DRY and frankly, AWFUL.
Himself came home from work and taste tested them, even he was shocked by the awfulness so he heated one in the microwave. WORSER.

I tried smothering them in chocolate sauce and ice cream. Nope. Still. Awful.

Was it the oven? Was I converting the recipes incorrectly from weight to cups? HAD I LOST IT??????

I had officially lost the family ability to bake. It must have left me somewhere over South East Asia. I was upset (read: there was much stamping of feet, watery eyes and possibly some sulking).

But I hate waste and how could I throw these cupcakes out knowing the best quality ingredients had gone into them? Hatred of waste is also in my blood! I was going to give it one last go.
Try something I had never tried before.
Bread and Butter Pudding.

I hit up twitter for some answers and with the help of this recipe from WholesomeIreland and plenty of encouragement from the Irish Foodie contingent the following dessert was created.

Chocolate B&B Pudding
5 Chocolate muffins (dry & awful but regualar ones would also be good, stale is better) Sliced
Strawberry jam
– Spread jam on the cupcake slices and arrange in an oven dish
– I poured over the chocolate sauce I had left over for extra lusciousness, and less waste!
Beat an egg in a mug then add in milk to fill mug (I used semi skimmed but full fat is good too, even a bitta cream!)
Add a touch of cinnamon, maybe a 1/4 teaspoon
– Pour this custardy mixture over the cake
– Sprinkle with some regular sugar
– Pop into oven @ 180 degrees for 20 min
Eat with ice cream and no conscience 🙂

It worked. It was delicious! The day was saved. I haven’t lost it. Peace is restored.

*my camera died but trust me they were dark chocolatey in colour mmmm mmmmmm ….

I am going to try WholesomeIreland’s peanut butter version soon and experiment with different types of bread and cakes. Great way to use up leftovers without feeling you are eating leftover. WIN!

SJ x