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G’day from Western Australia

8 Mar

I am alive … and sweating!

My fat has been crying allot, I think it must be homesick!

Its a cool 29 degrees today but the next four days are forecast as 38, 39, 39 & 38 respectively .. and I have learned the forecast here is pretty accurate*.. So days on the beach, eating fruit, jumping waves and reading books ahead! This is Autumn like I have never known before .. and I like it!

I arrived in Perth on February 20th via Dubai (which was surreal, amazing, worth a visit) laden down with my belongings, a hurley shaped chopping board, beautiful leaving gifts,  spices from the souks and a heavy heart having left my friends and family …
But once I arrived, was reunited with himself, got over the jetlag and saw my new abode it didn’t take long for me to realise what a great place we now are!
I have spent the last 2.5 weeks learning to navigate the public transport system (its super easy and ON TIME* – Dublin Bus & Irish Rail take note), using the free internet in the gorgeous State Library, walking all over the place and spending lots of time lying on this beach …. its not a bad game!

Cottesloe Beach

Job hunting has started in earnest this week and I finally have broadband in the house so I can get back to blogging now too ..

Sadly my camera passed away just before I left, hence no photos of Dubai or Perth so far ..and I think I may have lost all my ones of Chapter One so that review is also on hold for the moment!

Anyway rest assured I am surviving down under and you’ll hear from me again soon …

SJ x

* I am going to compile a list of interesting/surprising/different things in Australia when compared with Ireland  … you’ll all be mesmerized 😉