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What’s that Skippy??? ……

12 Jan

You think I should give up my job and move to Western Australia for a better life of sunshine, plentiful jobs and no talk of recession?

Well if you say so … hang on I’ll get my bag!!

So there you have it, the tickets are booked the bag is … em, well I bought a bag and the plans are in motion!

Am currently working out my month’s notice, waking in the night wondering if we are doing the right thing but ultimately getting very excited about the adventures ahead.

I hope Australians like food and more importantly like talking about it .. otherwise I’m going to be talking to myself a considerable amount.

Here are a few photos of Perth that the boyf emailed me last night, he has gone on ahead to check the place out, lay down red carpet that sort of thing …

Notice the crane and construction workers ..its like the good old days.

A lovely park … and if you look closely romance seems to be alive and well.. good to know!

Whether this works out or not, whether we make our fortune or not we are going to be staying in a very beautiful place for the next while … we are so lucky that we can take this opportunity and very aware that there are many who are not so lucky!

Anyone have any tips of packing/Australia/Perth/Anything???

SJ x