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This weekend I … #1

26 Apr

Didn’t go to work for FOUR DAYS 

>>> joy of joys!

Had lunch in Avoca Rathcoole.

>>> Love the salads .. and tasted some yummy Burren Smoked Salmon in the shop. Good start.

Stayed in Rathsallagh House Hotel.

>>> Lovely walks around the beautiful grounds, some tasty bevs in the garden, a delish dinner, after dinner drinks in the drawing room and AMAZING breakfast the next morning in the course of which I tasted Kedgeree for the first time, it was love…  the perfect place to relax, slow down and actually smell some roses. 

Visited the Japanese Gardens and National Stud.

>>> long walk around the gardens and stable yards, sunny weather made it even better .. loved the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the lovely shiny healthy horses of all shapes and sizes in the perfectly manicured paddocks .. the fallabellas might have been my favourites.

Fallabella ...so cute and small. But apparently not small enough to live on my balcony 😦

Hit The Osprey Hotel in Naas..

>>> after some gymming & swimming we headed to Time nightclub where I realised I am old. Oh and I am massive compared to the young ones .. however I did have much better shoes.

Spent Sunday gardening..

>>> bought and re-planted two tomato plants one aubergine and one chilli plant for my balcony. Built* raised beds in boyf’s mother’s garden.

*my role may have been that of a supervisor.

The raised beds "we" built ...

Discovered a new love ..

>>> BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Why oh why don’t I have Sky Atlantic on my NTL ?? Now I have to find excuses to visit his mother’s house to watch all the Sky+’d episodes … OR find some other way of getting them .. I believe there are some *cough* websites where one might find such a thing? Answers on a postcard.

BBQ’d On Easter Monday ..

>>> not really a big deal for me BUT this one was different as I cooked a WHOLE CHICKEN on the BBQ .. I spatchcocked it! Yip! That is a word! It was totally delicious and well worth a try … for some expert instruction see this recipe.

So that was the weekend … back to work today and real world … but only for 3 days … then another 4 day weekend for me ..YiiiipppPPEEEEeeeeee !!!