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Wagamama – Subiaco, Perth

21 May

I love Japanese food, in fact most asian food I’ve ever tasted has appealed to me but Wagamama and Yamamori were often called upon in Dublin to save me from hangovers that threatened my life … and rarely let me down!

Waga’s chilli chicken ramen was always a firm favourite but I also loved the noodle dishes, juices and even the thought of the tempura fish bento boxes in Yamamori make my mouth water!

So you can imagine how delighted I was to discover a Wagamama here in Perth, its situated in Subiaco which is a great suburb with lots of shops, bars, markets that’s always buzzy. We headed over on Saturday to the Subi Farmer’s Market but I got the times totally wrong and we missed it! Luckily we also had lunch on the agenda too.

I am giving the prices here purely out of interest, Perth is more expensive than Ireland but its a booming economy with higher wages so its to be expected.

As anyone who has eaten in Wagamama knows the food comes when ready and not all at the same time – it works really well for us as we love to share but perhaps not the ideal location for a first (awkward) date!


We ordered:

2 Sides

Chilli soft shell crab ($9.80)
soft shell crab coated with panko breadcrumbs then deep-fried and seasoned with sea salt and shichimi. served with a ginger and garlic vinegar

Tebasaki ($9.20)
chicken wings marinated with ginger and sake then deep fried. served on crisp salad drizzled with soy miring, sake and white sesame seeds

2 Mains

Chilli chicken ramen ($19.80)
noodles in a chicken soup topped with a marinated grilled chicken breast, fresh chillies, sliced red onions, beansprouts, coriander, spring onions and a wedge of lime

Ostunaaji beef salad ($8.90)
beef tenderloin marinated in cumin, aniseed and ginger stir-fried with caramelised red onions, sweet potato, red chillies, eggplant, mint and red capsicum in a coriander, lime and soy dressing. served on a bed of baby spinach and chinese cabbage. garnished with fried shallots

The food was all really delicious.

The soft shell crab was really crispy with a great chilli kick!

In the tebasaki there were only two small “wings” which I didn’t feel was a big enough portion for the price but what was there was delicious.

My beef salad was gorgeous, the meat was well cooked whereas my preference would always be rare but it was full of flavour and I love that there are salads on the menu here which are not in the Irish restaurants, I look forward to working my way through them all!

The chilli chicken ramen is always a really generous portion and did not dissappoint.

Service was efficient and friendly, its a lovely location & an advantage of living here is that we could eat outside on the deck overlooking the main street in Autumn!

With one beer the bill came to $67.60 (approx €53).

I am already looking forward to going back!


SJ x


Busy busy …

7 Jun

So the detox is over .. I loved doing it, felt so great from about day 6 onwards .. I was up bright as a button each morning and felt full of energy! My skin was glowing and although I don’t have a scales so can’t give the figures I reckon I lost some weight, well I was def thinner around my middle … and everyone said my face was skinny, which in my mind is a total waste of weightloss energy! Seriously I have lot of fat on my lower half and I lost it off my face ??!!! I didn’t use up my 5 pilates classes with Jett during the course of the detox so I will use the remaining 2 up this week .. I love her classes, they are really tough and it hurts afterwards .. but its good to know you’re alive 😉

Detox is over 😉

Since the detox ended last week I have been really busy .. socially! Totally undoing all the good detoxing …
Lots of meals out (sadly without my camera) .. in some lovely places like Kennedys of Fairview where I had a delish lemon sole with peas & bacon in a cream sauce and mashed sweet potato .. yum! Great wine too and very efficient service – the waiter actually knew what we were going to order as he could hear us talking, it was really funny!
Friday was spent wedding dress shopping with my bride to be friend .. lunch in Fallon & Byrne’s cellar of pate with breads (they accomodated my request for gluten free bread without hesitation) and a bottle of pinot grigio ..

>>>>> Then the best meal of the weekend .. Sabor Brazil !
If you haven’t heard of this little Brazillian place you will soon! It is so hard to describe the level of service we received here .. by far the most attentive I have ever experienced .. lots of extra tasting courses before and between our starter and main, fabulous biscuits after our meal, flaming sambucas, dessert wine and THE MOST amazing truffles .. The chef and half owner Marco used to be a chocolatier in Brazil .. I had deep fried cassava root chips to start and fillet steak with a walnut bechamel sauce for my main .. YUM! I will definitely be back as its a gorgeous place to celebrate an occasion and be treated like a princess by the host and other half owner Tom.

10 oz Fillet Steak with rice & walnut bechamel sauce ...

AMAZING Truffles .. like little clouds of chocolatey yum-ness!!

Marco & Tom from Sabor Brazil with us very stuffed and happy ladies x

On Sunday myself and the boyf went for a late lunch in Rustic Stone, Dylan McGrath’s restaurant on George Street. This was my third time eating here and the first two meals had been great so I had high hopes … sadly this time it didn’t really impress me.  We went for the 28 oz t-bone steak to share, truffle chips, new potatoes, luscious lime salad and the courgette, avocado and olive mix! Everything arrived looking delish ..  steak cooking away on the hot stone accompanied by deep friend anchovies, pesto, chopped coriander with hazelnuts and sage butter .. However there was something missing and I think it was flavour!!  I expected the steak to be really tasty as I love meat off the bone but it was dissappointing. Perhaps I was suffering from eating out fatigue after the weekend I was having but the boyf was less then impressed and the service while adequate was disinterested at best. We had a cocktail each and the bill came to €98 so this is the upper end of lunching out for us … and I am sorry to say on this occasion it was not worth it.

28 oz T Bone Steak cooking on hot stone ..

Monday was spent at Bloom in the Phoenix Park – AMAZEBALLS !!! We realised as soon as we got out of the car that we had forgotten the camera .. TOTAL FAIL 😦

From the minute we walked in I was impressed. So well organised, well presented and planned. It suited us to a T as food, gardens, plants and animals are our top interests .. add gadgets and beer tasting to that and we were in our element! First place we visited were the cute little piglets asleep in the sunshine .. the boyf was wearing a t-shirt from Hairy Baby that read “I’M A SAVAGE FOR BACON AND CABBAGE” which got him lots of attention and laughs .. one man even stopping him and saying “Don’t let those pigs see you wearing that!!!”

I then spotted the lovely Caroline from Bibliocook who was at the 8DegreesBrewing stand, we tried their ale and it is yum! Will be purchasing as soon as its hits the off licences in a couple of weeks! I then introduced myself to Alan Kingston from Glenilen as I love their products and wanted to congratulate his wife Valerie on her latest award.  Next onto Green Saffron where I stocked up on my favourite Murgh Tandoori mix along with a few new ones .. I had met Arun Kapil at Limerick’s Milk Market and have made friends on Twitter so he was really nice and gave me a gorgeous big canvas shopper (which was so handy for ALL the food we bought) and a bottle of delish spiced orange salad dressing!

Other things I bought: Bluebell Falls Goats Cheese with honey, pulled pork sambo from Crowes Farm for lunch, 3 little beetroot plants from GIY, Bacon Jam from Ed Hicks which seems to have been the BIG HIT of Bloom if Twitter Foodies are anything to go by!

All in it was a great weekend, the lovely weather helped .. and I finished it off by watching the first episode of Irish Come Dine with Me  .. then Made in Chelsea!!

I need to take it easy this week as I have Taste of Dublin next Saturday … Oh God!!

The Trip to Tipp …

26 May

Tipperary is not a county I have spent allot of time in but in spending a weekend down there to visit The Old Convent  I got to have a nice look around the southern part of the county .. some highlights were:

Beautiful moist fishcakes with a cous cous salad and chive beurre ... YUM

A delicious lunch in Cafe Hans in Cashel – I had heard many good things about the restaurant Chez Hans from both my sister who had lived in the area and my friend Chocco with whom we were spending the weekend so it was a lovely treat to visit this cafe which is owned by the same family (and is literally next door ..possibly even adjoined).  For girls who were going for an 8 course meal later that day we didn’t hold back … everything was amazing, truly! Great service too and a really lovely buzzy atmosphere..

Place Mat at Cafe Hans. 2 Fat Ladies .. ahem!

Yummy breads ..

Steak sandwich with mushroom cream sauce .. VERY NICE

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Ice Cream .. YIP it was YUM!

Mango Sauce wi Strawberries and eh I can't rem but I think it was a frozen yoghurt? I do remember we didn't leave any 😉

There was one other main course of Pan Fried Hake which I forgot to photograph .. we shared everything (its a rule with me, no exceptions made) and everything was eaten! A really lovely little find that I would reccomend to anyone visiting the town of Cashel.. its also right beside the Rock of Cashel so I went up and checked it out for the Queen….

The following day we attempted to walk off  TWO LARGE MEALS with a little jaunt to the Swiss Cottage in Cahir…

so after that I was starving as you can imagine …

then we visited the very beautiful Mount Melleray Abbey (which is in Co. Waterford I was asked to stress) in order to save our mortal souls …

Mount Melleray Abbey.

Back over The Vee …

A  quick jump on a trampoline ……

And a really fabulous 24 hours in Tipperary was over …