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Finnegan’s St Patrick’s Day Super Sambo!

13 Mar

Finnegan is my Irish Leprechaun companion, he was gifted to me in Ireland by my sisters who feared I would not survive alone on my trip to Australia and he has kept me company while I’ve been here!

With St Patricks Day approaching he is getting very excited (& a little homesick) so has thrown himself into all things green and/or Irish.

Not allot is known about a Leprechaun’s diet (although green features allot see the M&Ms above) but they would have a tendency towards over indulging on porter and whiskey especially on a big occasion. With this in mind I have devised the ultimate stomach lining sandwich to help Finnegan and all us Irish enjoy St Patricks Day to its fullest.

Its just so happens that Collette (@Katzwizkaz ) tweeted me about a lovely competition she is judging here on Very Good Recipes  so I’ve decided to enter! The dish has to contain a green ingredient, no problem to me as I have waxed lyrical since I arrived in WA about the delicious avocados. The recipe  is inspired somewhat by the French Croque Monsieur but mainly I made it up myself!


Finnegan’s St Patrick’s Day Super Sambo! 

The exhaustive list of ingredients

1 egg (beaten)

Avocado (sliced or mashed)

Tomato (sliced)

Cheese (Mozzarella or cheddar/tasty has worked best for me)


The intricate method 

Take bread, spread or place avocado on one slice (as much as you want), place slices of tomato on top followed by cheese.

Close sandwich.

Beat egg (season with s&p)

Heat a little oil in a pan.

Dip sandwich in beaten egg, turning over to ensure both sides are soaked in the manner of french toast.

Fry sandwich on pan about 4 min on each side or until toasty brown.

Cut in desired shapes and eat.

Its really good with a cup of Barry’s Tea.

Happy St Patrick’s Day


SJ & Finnegan x