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Lettuce Soup … Surprisingly Yummy.

3 Aug

Its summertime and the veggies are growing in the garden… leading to a glut of epic proportions!

I am almost Shrek-like eating kale and lettuce and still I can’t get through it quick enough .. last week I read some lovely recipes for lettuce soups .. then in typical SJ fashion I started making it without any recipe or real plan. The recipes I had read all included either a potato or sweet potato – I had neither but I did have a great tip I once picked up in WW class, broccolli stalks added to soup make it really creamy, it works!

About ten minutes in the soup was such an awful colour I wanted to dump it .. I was gently persuaded (read: ORDERED) to continue ..

The result was really really good, very full of flavour and filling, I was genuinely surprised!

What I did … 

>>> In a heavy bottomed saucepan I fried onion (from the garden), two cloves of garlic & a lump of ginger  in some oil .. threw in a pinch of salt after a few min to stop the onions burning (a tip I got from EnglishMum) . 

>>> With my hands I ripped up one huge head of lettuce, two handfuls of kale, two handfuls of spinach leaves and threw it into the saucepan along with the stalks of some broccoli and a few slices of red chilli  (basically everything green in my fridge) 

>>> Add one litre of boiling water with a tablespoon of marigold vegetable bouillion (or a stock cube) and boil for about 20 min 

>>> I added a large handful each of fresh mint and basil leaves for the last 5 min

>>> Allow to cool, and then whizz/liquidise .. Enjoy x 

I took some photos but its a not a really attractive colour and I am not a very good photographer .. but rest assured this soup is worth trying!

SJ x