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The Trip to Tipp …

26 May

Tipperary is not a county I have spent allot of time in but in spending a weekend down there to visit The Old Convent  I got to have a nice look around the southern part of the county .. some highlights were:

Beautiful moist fishcakes with a cous cous salad and chive beurre ... YUM

A delicious lunch in Cafe Hans in Cashel – I had heard many good things about the restaurant Chez Hans from both my sister who had lived in the area and my friend Chocco with whom we were spending the weekend so it was a lovely treat to visit this cafe which is owned by the same family (and is literally next door ..possibly even adjoined).  For girls who were going for an 8 course meal later that day we didn’t hold back … everything was amazing, truly! Great service too and a really lovely buzzy atmosphere..

Place Mat at Cafe Hans. 2 Fat Ladies .. ahem!

Yummy breads ..

Steak sandwich with mushroom cream sauce .. VERY NICE

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Ice Cream .. YIP it was YUM!

Mango Sauce wi Strawberries and eh I can't rem but I think it was a frozen yoghurt? I do remember we didn't leave any 😉

There was one other main course of Pan Fried Hake which I forgot to photograph .. we shared everything (its a rule with me, no exceptions made) and everything was eaten! A really lovely little find that I would reccomend to anyone visiting the town of Cashel.. its also right beside the Rock of Cashel so I went up and checked it out for the Queen….

The following day we attempted to walk off  TWO LARGE MEALS with a little jaunt to the Swiss Cottage in Cahir…

so after that I was starving as you can imagine …

then we visited the very beautiful Mount Melleray Abbey (which is in Co. Waterford I was asked to stress) in order to save our mortal souls …

Mount Melleray Abbey.

Back over The Vee …

A  quick jump on a trampoline ……

And a really fabulous 24 hours in Tipperary was over …

The Old Convent, Clogheen, Co Tipperary

17 May

I am not sure when I first heard about The Old Convent in Clogheen but I have wanted to go there for at least 3 years. Originally harbouring notions of a two night getaway to take advantage of both the eight course Tasting Menu and the Irish Bento Box dining!! But as with many of my notions I had to scale it back (for the time being anyway!!).

When my sidekick Chocco revealed that her family home is very near The OC a plan was formed … and on Saturday night I finally made it there!!

After a delightful roadtrip (more on that later ..) myself, Chocco and Beanie got all dolled up and were chauffered to the village of Clogheen ..

I had high hopes … and I was not dissappointed!

Ooooh look at all those settings ...

Eight courses of pure food heaven …

The Menu

White linen, silver settings, sparkling glasses and a lovely bright and airy room and great service had us off to a promising start ..

Gortnamona Goats Cheese Fritter

I love goats cheese and the accompaniements of rhubarb & pecan crumble with apple jelly worked really well .. I am not sure I liked the sour radish but I ate it and it was sour .. and something to talk about!!

Neither of my dining partners eat cheese (I think its strange too .. ) it was mentioned upon booking and accomodated without a problem.

Jerusalem Artichoke Fritter (Non Cheese Option)

Salad of Wild Mushrooms and Baby Spinach

YUM!! .. I practically licked the plate …

White Bean & Cauliflower Veloute

This was a tiny little espresso cup of beautiful thick and creamy soup, full of flavour and piping hot (which is the way I like my soup)..

Braised Salsify, Homemade Pasta. I forgot to take photo before I started ..

I had never heard of salsify before .. its a root vegetable ! This was probably my least favourite course … however I still really liked it and ate it all.

Green Apple Sorbet with Ginger & Pineapple Pickle!

This sorbet was amazing.. the ginger and pineapple added a fantastic zing and the sesame seeds another dimension to the flavours!

Ok .. this is when I started to get full .. everything was so delicious yet diverse, my taste buds had never been so stimulated.. but the best was yet to come!

Jack McCarthy's Maiden Heifer Beef Filet

Words cannot describe how beautiful this beef was, it could literally be cut with a spoon .. melt in the mouth INCREDIBLY tender .. my mouth is watering now just thinking about it…Oh the buttermilk & chive whipped potatoes *swoon*.

This was when I *may* have proclaimed that I would like to take my dress off … but isn’t it amazing how you ALWAYS have room for dessert.  A wonder of the world some would say.

Lemon & Vanilla Pot

A very ordinary name for a very extraordinary dessert .. Lemon & vanilla topped with contreau & black currant marinated berries and topped with warm meringue! WARM MERINGUE is SOOOO much nicer than cold meringue .. WHO KNEW?? Obviously Dermot Gannon did!

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cake

This was what I would describe as a brownie, really moist in the middle .. soo good! Salted hazelnut white chocolate on top and served with pistachio ice cream .. then along came the very lovely Christine Gannon with a jug of warm milk chocolate sauce … however luscious and delicious you are imagining this is , double it!

Silver tea set ..

I cannot even remember the coffee but I am sure it was great .. The OC is the sort of place that gives you total confidence in everything it does…

I left so incredibly full of food and delighted in the knowledge that it was worth the wait … and yet in the back of my mind I was wondering what the breakfast would be like … and how many weeks of not buying take away coffees or shoes would it take to afford two nights there ??!!!

I will be back …